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Best CT Scan

Best CT Scan is performed by extremely qualified & experienced technologists at Bashir NeuroSpine Institute, beneath the management of senior Radiologists in Pakistan. A CT scan is wont to visualize nearly all components of the body and is employed to diagnose malady or injury still on arrange medical, surgical, or radiation treatment.

Services are enlisted below:

We provide the best quality diagnostic and treatment imaging services during caring, safe and economical surroundings that are increased by outstanding programs in analysis and education. Our services are absolutely integrated with the medical and surgical care on the market at Hospital. Radiologists work with accomplished technologists and nurses to coordinate imaging services along with your medical aid. Victimization progressive instrumentation, our extremely specialized groups perform and interpret many thousands of examinations every year.

For some CT scans, like those work the brain or abdomen, you’ll incline a medium beforehand. This can be a liquid that contains a dye that shows up clearly on the pictures of sure tissues or blood vessels. It helps distinguish blood vessels from alternative structures in your body. Medium will be given in numerous ways in which, looking at the part of your body being scanned. It will be engulfed within the kind of a drink, given as associate degree clyster in your back passage, or will be injected into your blood (intravenously).

If your kidney function is poor, the medium isn’t typically given intravenously because it will depress kidney function further.

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