Bashir NeuroSpine Institute

Best Lab in Lahore

BNI Lab is one of the leading pathology labs in Lahore. The lab only uses the latest automatic and integrated instruments from makers of international repute. The BNI lab’s team is on a mission to deliver timely and correct results since these results type the idea of quite seventieth of all medical choices. This allows us to report take a look at results quickly while not compromising on quality.

Our mission is to inspire hope, contribute our greatest to health care and well-being by providing the simplest care facilities and services to each patient through integrated assortment centers. Our core worth is patient satisfaction.

We are perpetually paying attention to upgrading our techniques to attain the best of standards and square measure fantastically positioned as a premier supplier of molecular diagnostic services with progressive laboratory facilities, foreign qualified consultants & an experienced management team. Our clinical laboratory and leadership team has specialists in hematological and histopathology cancers, healthcare, and knowledge technology.

Reliable diagnostics are the cornerstone of providing safe and effective attention to patients. We at BNI Labs pride ourselves on providing exceptionally high standards of all types of science lab tests and medical facilities through our dedicated team of qualified technologists and doctors with years of expertise.

Use the most recent technology and have the simplest human resources obtainable to produce you with correct science lab tests. Keep connected and revel in our perpetually evolving innovative services.

We are committed to the accomplishment and maintenance of excellence in analysis and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.

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