Bashir NeuroSpine Institute

EEG (Electroencephalogram)

EEG scan is a radiology test that is used to monitor the brain activity to diagnose brain related disorders. It is also known as the brain wave test. At BNI, we perform EEG test to diagnose the following disorders:

Our EEG procedure is painless and the patients’ comfort is assured throughout the procedure. The EEG test at BNI is technologically advanced and does not require the patient to shave their hairs before the scan. Patient is given an elastic cap that has the electrodes attached on it already. The whole procedure is safe and there are no side effects of it. If the patient is not given any kind of sedative for the test, the patient can leave without feeling any side effects of the radiations.

EEG is an advanced radiology test that has allowed the healthcare industry diagnose brain related issues without any complications. Although there are no side effects of the EEG test but the patient suffering from epilepsy may experience seizures from the flashes used during the procedure. We eliminate this risk by sedating the patient before the EEG scan.

If you are looking for an EEG test in Lahore, choose BNI for a safe and secure procedure.