Bashir NeuroSpine Institute

Lab and Diagnostic

Bashir NeuroSpine Institute offers state of art diagnostic facilities in Lahore. We have built our reputation by delivering reliable test results, by adhering to and maintaining the very best quality standards, and giving the foremost intensive list of routine and specialized testing facilities anyplace out there.

We are dedicated to providing correct and precise diagnostic, prognostic and prognosticative testing services in a very timely manner. We have a tendency to care to confirm the dignity and respect of each patient in a very truthful, consistent, and just manner. BNI is thought for top moral standards, every constituent of the team follows an immaculate worth system.

Our Core Values:

Patient Care

We specialize in our service style and delivery that may give the most ease to the patients. Patient care is in the middle of all our services.


We are centered to bring economical and automatic solutions, increased quality, and improved service delivery.


We have launched our home sampling service to boost the convenience of our patients by providing the simplest services at their homes.


Building synergies across groups dedicating our attention to excellence and best practices.


Our strong and integrated systems facilitate in increasing the consistency and dependability of our services.


Our current facility and groups are top-notch and are systematically trained and evaluated on new trends and information to avoid any news errors.

Community Education

Our initiatives promote community health education across Pakistan to develop a community that prioritizes health.

Community Service

We strive to figure on multiple initiatives to confirm the tending and therefore the well-being of kids, young, and therefore the senior.

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