Bashir NeuroSpine Institute

Laser Spine Surgery

Laser spine surgery is a form of minimally invasive spinal surgery offered virtually solely by neurosurgeons at Bashir NeuroSpine Institute. During laser surgery, a laser is employed to get rid of parts of tissue situated around the spinal cord and nerves of the ear or neck. Laser spine surgery involves an awfully minor incision as compared to ancient open back surgery, resulting in less pain and a quicker recovery for patients stricken by herniated discs, spinal stricture, sciatica, or different acute or chronic spinal conditions.

The BNI’s spine surgery optical device is another advanced tool utilized by spine surgeons to supply optimum results for our patients. optical device spine surgery utilizes a little, pen-like device that has the capabilities to heat, vaporize, and coagulate soft tissue structures that cause compression on your nerves. Spine surgeries performed with a laser typically take concerning an hour total and need just one little incision. Most patients get back identical days and their little incisions are lined with a small bandage.

If you are feeling pain, we should always check that to consult a reliable spine doctor and find the proper treatment. Our greatest Spine physician in Lahore, Pakistan uses advanced, minimally invasive Back Pain Surgery solutions and spine treatments for relieving back pain, neck pains, and heavy spinal issues.

Laser spine surgery isn’t the foremost effective treatment possible for all spinal conditions, however, is accustomed to treat the subsequent symptoms and conditions:

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